What is Hosted Exchange Email ?

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, you need sophisticated messaging tools that provide rich and efficient access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. Now you can enjoy the benefits of business-class email in a pay-as-you-go model that enables you to scale up or down as needed, minimizing your financial risk.

myhosting.com Hosted Exchange Email can help you free up valuable capital, IT staff, and other costly resources for more effective, strategic use within your organization.

At myhosting.com, we operate your email server so you don’t have to. Based on Microsoft® Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration.

The myhosting.com control panel allows you to access and control all aspects of your email service and account administration in a user-friendly web-based interface. Account administrators, directors, managers and end users can all use the control panel to adjust their account or organization settings quickly and easily. Some of the many features include:

  • End users can download Outlook 2013 or Outlook for Mac 2011 and change their own account configuration settings such as their Password, Display Name or Email Aggregations.
  • Account Managers can modify end user settings for any user as well as update some domain-level features like Global Contacts, Distribution Lists and Import/Export tasks.
  • Account Directors can add new users, upgrade existing users, sign up for additional billable features, and also complete all Manager tasks.
  • Administrators can manage all users, features, add-ons and tasks for multiple Exchange Organizations signed up under their account.

Many of the email management features available in our control panel are also available through both non-branded generic web site as well as seamlessly through Outlook Web Access. This allows your end users to adjust their settings easily without having to log in to multiple web sites or without being exposed to unfamiliar branding.


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