What is DNS and what does it have to do with your domain names?

What is DNS ?

Every domain name is linked to an address on the Internet called an IP Address which is a long string of numbers. Domain names make it easier for Internet users to visit websites without having to remember this numerical address. When you visit hostingcoupon4share.com, your browser and computer read our site’s DNS records in order to locate our website’s files which are stored on a server. This almost instantaneous directing process allows your browser to access and load websites.

Most all hosting providers automatically assign DNS records when you register a domain name. In some cases, you may wish to keep your registered domain with one company, but have your website’s files and email accounts stored on a different hosting server. This is called a DNS transfer, and can be arranged within a couple of days. You may wish to alter your DNS records if your domain registration was completed with an expensive hosting company. In this case, you can keep your registered domain but switch to a more affordable hosting provider such as Register,GoDaddy,1&1,Web.com… For an in depth introduction to DNS, including how to complete a DNS transfer please contact us via Email , Contact page , we will help you for change DNS , Email setup , Google Apps …

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