DigitalOcean Cloud VPS Reviews

After a period of use, until today I had enough experience to give to the article on quality assessment of VPS DigitalOcean :

Available from the end of 2012, this time DigitalOcean has become one of the largest providers worldwide VPS.

Currently DigitalOcean are servers located in Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, London and Singapore. If you want to use the Digital Ocean with visitors from Vietnam, Singapore or SF select location will have more speed.

VPS Hosting Quality assessment DigitalOcean

– Always have discount code coupon code for the new you use.

– Diverse plans and relatively cheap: the lowest $ 5 for 1 month of use (512MB package)

– Use as many, paying this much rather pay both local as elsewhere.

– Using the SSD storage so VPS at DO has the speed data access very fast.

– VPS Control Panel is convenient, easy to use. You can perform all operations directly through this management page.

– Available many applications preinstalled so that beginners use easily. Refer to the article install your VPS DigitalOcean bottom.

– Support extremely fast, just a few minutes you will have the right answer.

– Created ultrafast server, not full 55 seconds is ready to use then .

– Backup / Restore easily.

– Supports 2-factor authentication, more secure after the login.

– Use PayPal for payment.

– Bulky Warehouse tutorial library, rich than any vendor. DigitalOcean policy would pay would have $ 50 / post to encourage users to write a tutorial for them anymore.

Disadvantages VPS DigitalOcean

– Storage capacity is low, the use of high-cost SSD.

– No VPS service management.

– No Live chat, but support via ticket very fast.

– Some cards are not accepted visa (visa virtual visa VCB, ACB)

– No automatic backup, if you want to take another $ 1 / month.

– Strict management policy, you will easily be locked account, remove VPS if violated their terms. Absolutely not utilize coupon code to register multiple accounts offline.

You can test the speed of DigitalOcean datacenter using the link below:

In aggregate, you should use if you are in demand DigitalOcean upgrade shared hosting to VPS. If you do not know how started, visit DigitalOcean homepage and contact us . We will help you have max discount at DigitalOcean.

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